NatureMapr feed to DCCEEW Biodiversity Data Repository now live

Posted by AaronClausen

 4 May 2024

Hi everyone,

We are excited to announce that NatureMapr ACT based data has started to feed into the new Biodiversity Data Repository (BDR) being established by the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water.

We are super proud of the fact that NatureMapr expert-verified biodiversity data is trusted as a high quality, reputable data source suitable for ingestion by the new BDR.

Congratulations to NatureMapr contributors and incredible expert moderators for all your time, effort and expertise in creating such a high quality, trusted biodiversity data source.

This new feed to the BDR represents yet another incremental achievement in NatureMapr's mission to empower anybody to report plant or animal information and ensure the information gets to the people that need to know about it - this is yet another pathway for your data to find it's way directly to decision makers who will be also able to trust it.

The team responsible for the BDR (known as Environment Information Australia) are taking a really open minded and collaborative approach to its design and development and have been a pleasure to work and partner with. NatureMapr sees the BDR as a very important step forward for Australia.

If you haven't heard about the BDR before, you can check it out here.

The BDR is an important initiative from the Australian government that will:

  • Make data on living things in Australia easier to find, access, share and use
  • Improve the currency and accuracy of biodiversity information
  • Create a system that will work side-by-side with existing environment information systems
  • Build capability for other systems to share data with the repository.

This will support our planning, decision-making and reporting. The repository will improve the management and conservation of Australia’s biodiversity.





JaneR wrote:
   5 May 2024
More evidence of some great efforts to do with CNM and NatureMapr going on behind the scenes.

A naive question: what is the difference between BDR and ALA ? -
   5 May 2024
Outstanding work yet again @AaronClausen 👍
LisaH wrote:
   5 May 2024
Excellent news, and very exciting. Thank you, Aaron, and the team - a hugely validating step forward for NatureMapr!

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